How do you measure success? That’s what we asked our clients – and here are just a few examples of real life achievements...

"I went out and danced for the first time in years!"
"We could walk to the movies."
"I played on the floor with grandchildren – and got back up again."
"I am now able to carry two bags of groceries."

Increasing strength, balance and fitness levels affect every aspect of your life. We believe success measured in actual milestones is even more important than pounds lost or weights lifted. Here are a few more client thoughts, in their own words.

"We celebrated our 75th birthdays by completing the Billy Goat Trail hike in not much longer than three hours. We wouldn't have dared, if it weren't for the excellent strength, core and balance training we've been getting for over a year. Thank you Angela!" -Bill P. and Evelyn S.

"Allison has been our personal trainer since she taught our 26-year old grandson to count our exercise repetitions when he was a little boy. Allison is bright, charming and possessed of a great sense of humor, which makes a session with her easy to take. She also clearly knows her craft and always seems to come up with just the right exercises for our aging bodies. We heartily recommend her to prospective clients." - Stan W. 

"These ladies have given me my life back! Their kindness, understanding and knowledge have helped me in so many ways. I am now able to walk without assistance, do my daily activities by myself and I am driving! They are the best!!!" - Linda G.

"Ordinarily going to the gym is among my least favorite things to do. Despite this I enjoy my sessions with Allison, because she has helped me so much and with such good humor." - Irwin L.


“Women tend to downplay the need for strength training, when in fact, it becomes even more important as we age.”