Whether you wish to increase strength, lose weight, or improve balance, fitness and flexibility,
PTPOST will guide you every step of the way. 


PTPOST partners with fitness centers to provide added value to their residents... and to their business. Individuals receive safe, personalized, and fun training from experienced professionals, which allows fitness center management to focus their time and resources on other projects.

Somerset House Community | Chevy Chase, MD
Since 2013, PTPOST has been in partnership with the exclusive Somerset House Community of Chevy Chase. We provide a wide range of services to the condominium residents, which include: gym staffing, individualized personal training, group exercise classes, equipment instruction and safety tips, and quarterly workshops and lectures on health and fitness.

Quarry Springs | Bethesda, MD
PTPOST is excited to announce its newest partnership with the luxury Estate Condominiums at Quarry Springs in Bethesda. PTPOST provides 30-minute introductory personal training sessions to all new residents as well as biannual health and education lectures. PTPOST will also be leading Quarry Springs group exercise classes and engaging the residents in exercise clubs such as walking and biking.