Julie Shein is a Certified Personal Trainer (AAAI-ISMA) and Physical Therapist (BS in PT from University of Maryland) with twenty-five years of experience. Her specialty is working with the over-50 population, post-surgery or disability, with a focus on safely improving strength and balance. Julie is an avid runner with a life-long commitment to exercise. Her degree and experience in the physical therapy clinic allow her to work with each client and address all of their personal training needs. Whether they have had a previous surgery, a current diagnosis, or are experiencing some of the challenges of aging, Julie uses her career knowledge to create the best possible exercise program for every individual.

Allison Yorra is a (NASM and AAAI-ISMA) Certified Personal Trainer with a physical therapy education. Her passion for training has helped clients live healthier lives throughout the DC/MD/VA area for over twenty-five years. She brings this experience and enthusiasm to her clients every day, making exercise fun, creative and engaging. Allison specializes in the over-50 population, but her clients have ranged from young adult to octogenarian. With her physical therapy education and her love of strength training, Allison helps clients get stronger and move safely toward an improved quality of life.

Jess House is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Physical Therapist (DPT from the Medical University of South Carolina). She is also a board certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy and has a BS in Health and Human Performance Exercise Science (University of Montana). She enjoys helping the over 50 population achieve their fitness goals and become stronger and more active and is very passionate about working with those managing a diagnosis (MS, Parkinsons, post-stroke or brain injury). Jess likes to make fitness fun and is excited to help each client achieve their individual goals.

Cody McMullen Is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with certified specialties in Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss and Fitness Nutrition. He is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). He has been an online Trainer and Coach, guiding individuals towards reaching their personal goals whether it be athletic, weight loss, or rehabilitative in nature. Cody has also engineered and led group training sessions and boot camps. With his passion to provide the most advanced, up to date, and innovative training techniques, Cody is able to help his clients obtain their goals with highly personalized programming.
Angela Odutoye is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor. Fitness has become a passion for her as she went through her own journey of struggling being overweight and overcoming the obstacle of healthy eating but making both a way of life instead of a quick fix. She successfully reached her goals and became comfortable in her own skin. She then decided to leave a 17 year career of being sedentary and behind a desk to follow her passion to help others achieve their health and wellness goals the right way.

Phil Silberman is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist who brings a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of professional fitness experience to help clients achieve and exceed their fitness goals. Phil was a co-founder of ClubGolf in Gaithersburg, the world's premier golf fitness facility. Phil specializes in golf and tennis fitness, triathlon training, cardio kickboxing, and general strength and cardio training. Phil's passion is to custom design workouts to fit each individual client's goals and needs, and he enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities.

Kathy Simons  is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with the energy and ideas to keep her clients motivated. She started her education as a radiologic technician but realized her true passion was exercise and fitness. As a personal trainer for over 25 years, Kathy has helped clients from 12-85 years of age recover from an injury, lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. When not helping others, she enjoys running, golf, gardening and hiking with her dog.

Beth Antell  began her fitness career in the early 90s as an aerobics and step instructor.  She survived the many trends by committing herself to learning as much as possible about movement and the human body, ultimately getting certified as a personal trainer (ACE & NASM).  Beth still teaches group exercise classes in aqua, Spinning, strength and conditioning, core and balance.  Believing there was a gap between being discharged from physical therapy and resuming activity, Beth worked at a physical therapy clinic to better understand post rehab training.  Today she loves working with pt patients as they make this transition. Learning to deal with injuries herself, Beth is committed to listening to clients’ needs, empowering them with knowledge and appropriately challenging workouts.  She believes if you understand why you are doing what you are doing the work will be more effective. 

Ashley Kunzman started her fitness career with a BS in Exercise Science and went on to obtain an ACSM personal training certification and an ACE orthopedic exercise specialist certification. Her education has paved the way for her to introduce her clients to a fitness lifestyle. She has a passion for educating individuals of all ages on how to transform their lives to become a stronger, healthier version of themselves. She enjoys encouraging her clients to think positively and motivate themselves in their journey to reach their fitness goals.  Ashley spends her free time coaching high school field hockey and basketball.  

Nicole Tranchina is passionate about improving the quality of life of others.  She is a Certified Yoga Therapist (1000 hours of training through an accredited program, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy), Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, a licensed PTA and a Certified Personal Trainer. After accomplishing her studies with the Western approach to healthcare, she discovered that, although there were great benefits to that approach, there was something missing.  Nicole's love of yoga took her to India, where she studied to become a yoga teacher and therapist, bridging the gap between Western and Eastern philosophy.  Nicole's particular interest is with providing people with tools to decrease stress, pain, and focus on self-care.   Nicole has worked in several senior living communities as a PTA helping the residence improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and over all quality of life allowing them to maintain their independence. 
Currently, Nicole is enrolled in the Clinical Nutrition Master Degree Program at Maryland University of Integrative Health.  During her free time Nicole enjoys being in nature and spending time with her loved ones.  

Cassandra Coppola is a ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist, with her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.  In addition, she is currently pursuing a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Cassandra has been involved with exercise and sports her whole life, so it was a natural progression to work in a field where she can combine her love of exercise and her love of helping others. Cassandra has experience with many populations, but especially loves working with the over-50 population and believes age should not dictate how strong and active our bodies can be! She enjoys challenging her clients, while also making sure they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Cassandra helps her clients see exercise as a new part of their lifestyle, rather than a chore. In her free time, Cassandra loves to run, and go hiking with her husband and their dog.

“We love introducing people to a fitness center or exercise program… by reducing the intimidation factor.”